Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Village of East Hampton

East Hampton is yet another fun area to stop off in on your way out to Montauk. The vibe is not as quaint as Amagansett-- it is harder to describe, with shopping like Manhattan on a small town main street with one hour parking...I won't lie, the parking is a pain. There is an area with two hour parking as well, but for some reason I always feel rushed when I am out and about there.

The shopping does not involve your normal medley of stores, but rather upscale boutiques such as Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany's-- you get the picture. The headquarters of the Hamptons International Film Festival are also located there, as well as a restaurant that I love: Rowdy Hall. They have an amazing vegetarian chili, good burgers-- something for everyone. East Hampton is also home to a restaurant/inn that I am dying to try-- the famed 1770 House. I first saw this spot when it aired on Barefoot Contessa (yes, I watch a lot of Food Network...I should probably watch less and actually cook more!) and I am waiting for the perfect occasion to drop in for a bite.

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