Monday, April 12, 2010

My Montauk Bucket List

Every summer I make a list. Something a little like a bucket list, highlighting all of the things that I vow I will do before the northeast temperatures begin their steady decline. I will run more. I will sunbathe. I will get some highlights. I will look amazing in an overpriced bikini...worn at least twice before the season's end.

I have begun a list of things that I must accomplish before the end of Summer 2010, things that I must complete before the Blue Gull Beach House closes it's summer patio. Hold your breath...because I must surf. A few years back I obsessed over water skiing. I told myself, no matter what, I would get up on the first try, hair blowing in the summer breeze like a chic right out of a James Bond movie. I did get up, for what felt like an hour (ok, it lasted in reality a mere ten seconds...but it was some ten seconds!)

This year, I will try my hand at surfing (among other things!). Montauk has a few places where you can take lessons, and I'm game. I encourage you all to make your own "beach bucket lists" with me-- include things from your coastal town that you have always wanted to do, or things you want to do in someone else's coastal town. Get out there and try something new this summer (just be sure to include your own "don't try this at home warning" for the rest of us!).

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