Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flip Flops By Day...Wedge Heels By Night

I love that Montauk is so casual. I can go anywhere I need to go in my flip flops by day, and most places even welcome my flip flops by night. The cool thing is, if I have the urge to dress up, there are places where people can ooh and ahh over my Charles David wedge heels, which I absolutely adore. I bought them last season when my heel got caught in-between those little slats on the dock at the Montauk Yacht Club, and I, without a shred of grace or poise, fell on my arse. So I've learned, there's no heel like a wedge heel. They give me height, they evenly distribute my weight, and reduce my chances of an outright swan dive.

One place I would recommend if you feel like getting fancy in-season is East By Northeast (ENE). Interesting food, great drinks, well dressed folks, and another view of Fort Pond. One place I have not yet ventured into (the long lines and beautiful people had me shy away last year), is The Surf Lodge. I have never been but I've heard all sorts of interesting things about the place. Some locals seem to hate it; visitors seem to love it. Without having been brave enough to venture in myself, I cannot form any sort of opinion-- but I do think they have a cool website. If you've been...let me know how it is...or perhaps I'll finally check it our for myself...

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