Friday, April 9, 2010

Gone Local

I had a great time in Amagansett, and came across a really cool store: GONE LOCAL. The owner, Susan Seitz-Kulick, makes 70% of the items in the store herself (that's a lot!).

I will admit, I heart small businesses, and naturally, I had a fabulous time poking about in Susan's store. She has a little bit of everything in there, for everyone's taste, and everyone's budget, which is pretty cool. Many of her items are creatively displayed in wicker baskets and vintage beach pails, which adds to the funky atmosphere.

I wound up leaving with some Hampton Basics Kiwi soap, that came in handy following a trip to the beach (I used it for washing shells!). Some people go to garage sales and estate sales when they seek undiscovered treasures: I hit the beach. You can find some interesting stuff, from shells, to driftwood, to you never know what. Nature's best fire sale, and the price is always recession-friendly.

My most recent trip uncovered a number of shells, some beach glass, and a few items just too large for me to drag home! Probably a good thing in the long run. I have no idea what I will use these shells for, but, I'm always thinking...and whatever I can't think of Susan will be sure to have in her fun store! Thanks again Susan!

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