Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dining at Sunset

Montauk sunsets are simply extraordinary. I remember viewing my first from the Montauket, and over the years I have caught glimpses of the sun slipping behind the horizon from various vantage points throughout town. In fact, I always try to time dinner so that it coincides with a fabulous sunset.

This past weekend at the Blue Gull Beach House, we were able to set the new outdoor table (for the first time!) beneath yet another beautiful sunset. I showcased my very first giveaway prize (one that I actually won) from Second Wind Sails for my guests-- a handmade wine bag crafted from original sailcloth. This was a giveaway that Completely Coastal had sponsored, back when I was still waiting to close on my little haven. The wine was from Duckwalk Vineyards, a fabulous spot in Southampton on the way in to the Blue Gull Beach House. Thanks again to Second Wind Sails for the lovely prize and thanks to my guests for the fabulous company!

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