Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happily Ever After: The End

Yesterday I put up some pictures of the new master bedroom and livingroom. Today I would like to share my second favorite room in the house (next to the outdoor space!): the kitchen. I cannot take any credit for the fabulous cabinetry, or the beautiful granite countertops (these were already in place, ready to welcome me). However, I did fill the cabinets with fun dinnerware, a party blender, and some other cool stuff!

The first meal shared at The Blue Gull Beach House featured burgers, thanks in part to the new Weber Grill. This grill is old school. It runs low on charcoal and high on flavor. With the help of the new blender, and the fish-shaped ice trays (how can you survive a week at the beach without ice shaped like little fish and starfish? Compliments of IKEA) we had a great meal and drinks that even top the ones served up by ENE.

I know I've been posting lots of interior pics, and I wanted to share the outside of this little Leisurama as well. It stands as a single floor, with room to grow, and my running sneakers on the doorstep (oh, I had some amazing runs, with clear blue skies above me, dunes and salty waves to my right, and a twisty road straight to Fort Pond Bay that made me feel as though I would run straight into the gorgeous pile of blue).

My time spent in Montauk has been well spent. All thanks to a poster that I spied over a year ago, that simply said: Life is Short, Spend Your Time Wisely. Words that inspired me to take more trips out to the End, trips that lead to breakfasts at Mr. John's Pancake House, and one breakfast that ended with a scribbly picture of a future beach house on a syrup-stained napkin. These are the events that began my journey toward living Happily Ever After...The End.

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