Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Beach is My Backyard!

I still can't believe how close to the beach the Blue Gull Beach House is-- I love it! I have never lived quite this close to the ocean before. It is appropriate that I live on Gull Road, because in the mornings, the seagulls often sit right on the roof of the house!

The picture to the left is of my private beach, literally a stone's throw away. If I forget my sunblock, or feel like heading back to the house for some lunch (or perhaps a margarita?) all I have to do is hit the pause button on my i-pod and I haven't put a dent in my tanning schedule! I am also extremely close to other beaches, including Ditch Plains, where I love taking pictures.

This next set of photos was taken in the late afternoon near the jetty in Ditch Plains. In the mornings, surfers and paddleboarders are always out. I love that Montauk's beach culture is so diverse-- you have fishermen, surfers, artists, and a growing number of restauranteurs and chefs. I don't know where I fit in, but I am happy just to be a chic in flip-flops, and I've really enjoyed meeting many of the local shop owners, beachgoers and bartenders along the way. Hope you enjoy the pics, now it's time to do some taxes. Too bad we couldn't just send all the IRS folks to the beach and forget about it!

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  1. Thanks for the beutiful photos. I don't have to go around mumbling "Serenity Now" anymore, just have a look at the gorgeous ocean, sigh...delightful.