Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Sheets to the Wind!

It's the little things that count...and also add up when you are trying to jazz up a beach house. Starting off simply, with just one main color has helped to point me in the right direction when picking out furniture and bedding, but it all can get very expensive quickly. In order to add some character to the house, (I opted to keep the exposed beams in their natural hue and to leave the original paint for now), I brought in some funky sheets and pillows to make things interesting (Life is too short, you gotta keep it interesting). Changing sheets, pillows and smaller accessories is a great way to give your pad a new look both quickly and inexpensively. and have a great selection of beachy sheets that will not break your bank (and at 200 thread count won't break your back either!). The Tommy Hilfiger Collection is great, and features bright stripey patterns, hula girls, little lobsters, and these cool "shark attack" sheets to the left. Given Montauk's long history of shark tournaments and its connection with the movie JAWS, these sheets were a must for me. They come in all the sizes you need-- out of the pool and into the bed!

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