Monday, March 15, 2010

The Leisurama...A Beach House for Me

One of the unexpected yet cool by-products of my house hunt was the unusual information that I uncovered regarding the different types and styles of vacation homes in Montauk. After viewing different styles of homes, from tudors designed by Carl Fisher to saltboxes in Ditch Plains, I fell in love with Raymond Loewy's concept and Andrew Geller's design in the "Leisurama."

This little house was once marketed in Macy's department store in NYC for $12, 990 (unbelievable!). The leisurama represented the post-WWII version of the American dream: easy living, a modern design, and as Nixon explained during the great kitchen debates with Nikita Krushchev, to "make easier the living of our housewives." No comment.
The Montauk Pioneer published a great article on the history of these little beach homes, and if you are really interested in how these homes have evolved over time, check out Paul Sahre's recent book, Leisurama Now: The Beach House for Everyone, 1964-. The book includes information on what originally came with these homes, and how some of them have been updated by new owners. I do still have some of the original furniture, and hope to give some pieces a facelift in the next few months. The above picture of the kitchen table is the original piece that was included when the house when it made it's debut back in the 1960's.

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