Monday, March 29, 2010

The Original Beach House Bedroom

I wanted to share a peek of the original master bedroom. The previous owners were a really lovely couple, and took great care of this little beach house. They had some amazing times at the house with friends and family, and we look forward to continuing where they have left off.

This is what the bedroom used to look like. They left behind some awesome vintage furniture from the 1960's that I am working with. The only thing that will probably look the same once I am done is the paint on the walls-- the cool green color is really relaxing! The one change that I will not likely get to finish is switching out the ceiling fan. I found one online that has a more modern feel to it, so I am going to eventually replace this one. The goal this weekend is to balance work on the house with some play in my new area. I am going to do my best to remember to bring my camera everywhere with me, and hopefully the ducks will be out again on Montauk Highway- Main Street! They are too cute! The picture below is the fan that will likely serve as the replacement once I get down to it on my to do list.


  1. You mean the teddy bears are going to be homeless now??? Oh, Cheryl...


  2. Lol...this made my day! If you are around for Easter come on out and hang with us-- we will be hosting The Blue Gull Beach House's first annual egg hunt on the the yard...wherever I can run around and stuff them :) The Golden egg has a prize...

  3. I'm silly, I know!

    You may have seen my email by now, but unfortunately my visit to LI will be very brief this weekend and I am committed to some family stuff. But I do love a good egg hunt! Have a great time...and if there is a 2nd annual hunt, I will be there in my Easter bonnet!