Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outdoor Space: The Best Room in the House

One of the most important features of any beach house is its outdoor space. In the same way that you want to create a vibe inside a house that invites people in, you also want an outdoor space that "calls people out." Maximizing your outdoor space is key, and the great thing about the Blue Gull Beach House is that it has plenty of space, from backyard to side patio, to back patio, to front yard. This shot was taken of the back yard, and as you can see there's great space with a little natural shade. There are a number of catering companies in and around Montauk that set up fabulous clambakes, and will even set them up in your backyard-- I can just picture the tables and tents set up here for an event like that (possibly for the opening party of the season). To the right is the patio, simple concrete pavers where the main table will be stationed.

In terms of outdoor furniture, I am leaning towards teak. There was a great article in Outdoor Ideas & Solutions that reviews all the usual suspects: plastic, iron, aluminum and wood. All have their pros and cons, but it looks like teak will last a while, and still look great over time. The one area I plan on giving some attention is the front yard-- front yards are often under utilized, and can be a great spot to meet and greet visitors or just chill. More to come.

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