Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer Dish 2010

There is something extraordinary about spending mornings on the beach. The inviting colors of the sky, the soothing rythm of the receding tide, and the overall calm make the first hours of the day spent on sand very special for me. It signals the beginning-- a day that exists only in its planning stages. Montauk is a town filled with rich tradition, but much like beach mornings, exists in its planning stages to some extent. This adds a real element of excitement to the area, and affords the opportunity for the continued growth of a unique beach town.

So, what growth is in store for summer 2010? Well, in addition to Navy Beach, there are some other new restaurants slated to open. First, the owners of Bostwick's Seafood Grill and Cherrystone's Clam and Lobster Shack will merge these two East Hampton favorites to create "Bostwick's Chowder House." We can expect some great chowders and raw bar items from their new location on Montauk Highway. The menu will of course, feature their signature lobster roll (we need to figure out who serves it up best before the summer is over) and the new space will include a "casual atmosphere" with a "beach and seaside theme." Love it. Surfboards and a full bar...thank you, gods of summer.

Both of these new hot spots will face some tough competition from Serafina East Hampton, which will occupy the former Matto location. Also featuring a "beachy" and "casual atmosphere," Serafina will dish up "creative pastas and risottos," and the thin crust pizza that has earned them fame throughout Manhattan. Envision a pied piper-ish line of city slickers drooling on their way out to this new Hamptons location. Well...they'll have to get in line.

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