Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Castle for the Rest of Us

I have received requests for more pictures of the Blue Gull Beach House, and they are coming! I will post some before and after shots once the rest of the furniture arrives and I have a chance to tackle some of my projects. In the meantime, I would like to show you a BIG haven, in comparison to my little one. I give you: the Montauk Manor.

I would bet that many kids imagine that a king and queen reside in the Montauk Manor, a true "American Castle." I know I thought so, when I first strained to take in its commanding presence. Built by Carl Fisher in 1925, the Manor was the first piece of what Fisher envisioned would become the "Miami of the north." Fisher's Montauk would be "the most fabulous summer resort in the western hemisphere," with polo fields, a yacht club, a boardwalk, and other upscale amenities. Unfortunately, hard economic times prevented his vision from fully materializing, but the Manor still stands as living proof of his dream.

When this resort first opened, it hosted many diplomats, celebrities, and important people of the day. Today, it serves as a hotel, accessible to the general public, and resort condominiums can also be purchased within. The second picture to the left showcases the lobby, and you can see how the castle-like atmosphere exists within as well. You won't see any royalty roaming the halls if you visit--more likely tourists from Queens, or those who have returned to this historic place after many years away, to see for themselves how it has evolved, and to remember its grand years. The Montauk Manor is, in a way, a castle for the rest of us. And I hope that its breathtaking views and sprawling grounds will continue to host imaginary kings and queens for many more years to come.


  1. I think we went into this place as seniors "thinking" we could maybe stay here for prom weekend. Silly kids, huh?

  2. Ha! How did I miss this comment? Sorry, the blogging thing is new to me!