Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paper Chase

I came across this great paper at Paper Source. They have various locations and some good online shopping for all different types of paper, notecards, and other stuff. Not sure exactly what I will be using it for, but I am envisioning invitations, place cards, and I may try to use this blue fish print (my favorite) to to add a twist to one of the lamp shades currently in the house. If you combine this paper with plain note cards and beachy decor (like starfish, seashells, et. cet) you can make some great handmade cards and things. I am including this next picture-- mind you I do not have a green thumb, or whatever color thumb you need to master this kind of stuff, but I think I at least get points for effort. My tombstone shall read: She Tried So Hard. Yes, that is also some ribbon that you see, in some great paisley prints. I cut out one of the fish from that paper and mounted it (think placecard or decoration for an outdoor party). The starfish card does require a little assembly (don't try this at home, expert at work here) and I would not recommend sending it via mail! The edges of the paper were cut with pinking shears, and the hearts and other cut outs are from Paper Source.

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