Monday, March 15, 2010

The Montauk Lighthouse

No blog referencing Montauk would be complete without a shot of the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Authorized under the Second Congress by President George Washington in 1792, this structure is the oldest lighthouse in New York State. Visitors can tour the old oil room, the keepers dwelling, as well as climb the tower (leave your Jimmy Choos at home for this trip!).

As you head toward the lighthouse (fyi-- they do charge for parking, and there is a separate charge to climb the tower), you will pass Camp Hero State Park, an important spot in Long Island's military history. There are also a few conspiracy stories surrounding the area, so if you're a science fiction buff, this may be an interesting spot to check out. The last time I walked through I did not see any aliens, but there was a pretty charming fox on the premises. Also, a number of what I believe were unused artillery any rate, the area has beautiful views and makes for a cool walking spot. The above picture was taken on a cloudy day-- once the weather warms up, I'll post some better shots.

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