Thursday, March 18, 2010


One of the first things I thought about in selecting the Blue Gull Beach House was the overall feel-- When you go on a beach vacation, you want to open the door to wherever you are staying and feel calm, relaxed and away from it all. So of course, I had to make sure the master suite had it's own bathroom and private deck, on the side of the house opposite the main patio. This way guests can rise and enjoy those rare moments of peace and quiet. I also wanted there to be ample space for parties, and those moments when you just want to be loud! For this purpose, the yard is surrounded with privacy hedges, and the house itself has an open kitchen and expansive livingroom.

In fulfilling this overall theme, I've enjoyed shopping for stuff-- beachy stuff. Stuff that when I look around reminds me that, yes, I am at the beach (and Montauk has many beaches including my private beach one block from the house). The above picture shows one of the shelves in the hallway, to give you a sneak peak at my style direction. I know you're wondering-- what's with the name Blue Gull Beach House? Well, I decided the main color scheme (gotta have a good palette) would play off of touches of blue. Is it summer yet? More pictures to come...

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  1. Can't wait to see more of you vacation house, Cheryl!

    I love the area out there and have visited Montauk several times when living in Oyster Bay Cove...., oh, and how could I forget, we once spent a winter in the Hamptons! (in a winter rental)..., more than ten years ago though.