Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Verdict is Finally In-- Navy Beach Delivers

Following the e-mails I have received asking if I had a chance to check out Navy Beach, I will leave you in suspense no more-- Navy Beach delivers on everything it promises. The service was fantastic, and everyone was friendly-- they make you happy to be there, and you will leave trying to calculate exactly when you will return (if you can bring yourself to leave!). The food was wonderful-- thoughtful and successful taste combinations provided unexpected twists on traditional flavors. I had the salmon nicoise, a welcome departure from the typical tuna preparation that we are all used to.

As you can see in the picture above, the atmosphere is everything you could hope for from a restaurant with it's own beach-- after lunch I was able to slip into an adirondack
chair overlooking the water and enjoy a cocktail (the Navy Grog was delicious) while drifting away. They have a great lineup of drinks, complete with one that changes daily to weekly-- the Madoff Cocktail.

Now, I timed my visit for a slot where Navy Beach was not crowded, so the vibe will depend on your timing-- typically in Montauk if you want a crowd, you go out on a weekend night, and if you are looking for something more laid back you go out during the week when fewer tourists are in town. Regardless of the speed you pick, Navy Beach will provide you with food, drinks, service and atmosphere to make your visit enjoyable.

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