Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Beach House Garden Pics

This week I have been able to watch the backyard at the Blue Gull Beach House transform into an amazing beach house garden. I thought the flowers that were budding back in April were fantastic, but it just keeps getting better!

Every day I am excited to peek outside and see what new flowers are blooming-- right now, there are tons of roses, and I am embarrassed to say a multitude of blooms that I do not even know the name for, but I love them all. There are even some herbs in the side garden, and one of my favorite trees-- a Japanese maple, growing in the side yard.

The previous owners, Bob and Marion, did a fabulous job in creating a little
oasis back there (as if just being at the beach is not an oasis in and of itself!). I realized when I bought the house that there was a huge responsibility in keeping the garden healthy, and so I have been doing my best to read up on gardening and hired professionals to lend a hand as well.
With the great weather we've had everything is in full bloom, I wish you all could smell it, it is far better than perfume!

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