Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flip or Flop?

If you live in Montauk then you have heard of Kai Kai Sandals. On my search for cool small beach businesses, I decided to check out their Montauk location. I am happy to say, I actually bought a pair of their sandals for myself-- it's been four days in, and my feet are still loving them.

The store's owner used to be a lifeguard out here, and had an urgent need to develop a comfortable flip flop that could get him to the beach and about town. Some of the beaches out here are a little rocky, and as someone who grew up on Long Island I can tell you it can be hard for your feet to get used to. Many of us have our own disasterous flip flop story--from tales of blistered feet, to situations where the sandals just fell apart. If you love the beach, you need to keep your feet happy so you can keep going back-- all the more reason to give Kai Kai sandals a try.

I visited the Kai Kai store over by Gosman's Dock, and met the owner's sister Gabriell (she's in the picture to the left) who explained that you can also trade in certain Kai Kai sandals, and they will be refurbished and donated to the homeless, which I thought was pretty cool. In return you get 40% off of your next pair, which is a hard deal to beat, and can help you get new sandals for next season once your old ones wear out (which, I am having a hard time believing these things will ever wear out, but it's always nice to upgrade).

Now, I am not sure I'll dance to the beach (if any of you have seen me on a dance floor you know why!) but I will definitely run, hop, skip and jump in these sandals--in sum, they are worth flipping over.

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