Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! I hope you all have a margarita in hand and some fabulous Mexican food in front of you. To help celebrate, I thought I would post some pics from my last trip to Isla de Mujeres, a beautiful island off of the coast of Cancun.

What can I say-- Isla is quaint, fun, has a ton of cultural eye candy. Just a fabulous place to get away from it all. This picture above was taken at Maria's Kan Kin, one of my favorite spots for ceviche.

You can get to Isla via ferry from Cancun-- pack extremely light (your bathing suit, a cover up and an outfit for nightlife) and be sure to rent a golf cart when you arrive. First stop, Hacienda Mundaca, the house of a slave trader/pirate built in the 19th century (be prepared, there are iguanas *everywhere* and quite a little collection of monkeys on the premises). Second stop (especially fabulous at sunset) Punta Sur, the first spot for the sun to hit Mexican soil, and the site of a Mayan ruin built for the goddess Ixchel. This below picture was taken at Punta Sur.

For dinner, there are a number of fabulous options, and the downtown area comes to life with street performers. You can find authentic mexican, italian, ice cream, cafes, bars-- you name it. While a sleepy little fishing village, Isla has a magical way of making you feel close to nature and surrounded by privacy. This is one place where I will definitely be back!

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